YOGA with Mass Dioli -   Yoga as a somatic practice of paying attention, from the ground up, developing sensitivity and working with space, the awareness of space.
are the pillars and the places where the real work begins.

Our practice is physical and very internal. We practice in a detailed and supported way (use of yoga props) in order to give body, mind and breath time and space to develop, transform and evolve. In other words the primary orientation is embodiment as a neurological practice as much as physical one.

An attentive and disciplined practice helps us refine sensitivity to the "what is" and understand reality through somatic direct  experience ( aka the felt sense).

The classes offer an introduction to yoga practice consisting in postures (asana) and the cultivation of breath awareness (pranayama).

From there we want to bring the posture experience and understanding not only into our daily movements, but also into a sitting meditation in an embodied and somatic way.

Classes also are just a first learning environment. From there we want to start developing and enjoying our own home practice. 

Of course yoga practice is a great opportunity to target physical and mental wellbeing in an integrated and supported way. This is incredibly self empowering and utterly infinite.

Folks with little or no experience welcome.

I feel that cultivating stability through awareness of space and movement is the essence. I teach from my teachers. First of all Paul Burton, Iyengar Yogi and teacher with over 30 years experience. .  And also Reggie Ray, founder and lineage holder of Dharma Ocean
(Mass holds a Iyengar Yoga Junior Intermediate 1 Certificate)  

For classes and beginners courses
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Investment:      casual $15/class     5 class card $55