........Beginning a journey such as this can take an act of courage, especially when your belief in your voice, or your confidence to share it, is very tentative.
Be assured, for many participants, this is a usual place to begin, and does in fact begin to change very quickly with this class format.
 Here’s what recent participants have to offer to re-assure and encourage you , should you need it ,in deciding to take the leap into discovering your naturally beautiful voice.........


......here some testimonials from past partecipants.....

I have found this journey to be an excellent opportunity. I have done’ similar but different’ courses over the years but this has taken me further. Very well facilitated, very safe, very simple.     Barbara

This has been wonderful. Has helped me start singing again just because! Not as scary once you get into it. I have been having wonderful experiences between classes. Sam is very gentle and goes at the groups pace. Great skills and knowledge.  Easy to trust and feel safe.                 Paula

The timing was right. I cannot believe how joyous, enlivened, challenged and quiet/strong I’ve felt throughout. My voice is stronger, more sure and free and so am i.     Liz

It was great fun. I grew a lot and learnt a lot. No forcing, but an environment where you want to keep trying to move forward.  Thank you so much.                 William

I have come to enjoy hearing my voice in public. The class has felt very safe. It is never easy to risk, but the gentle facilitation encouraged and supported my sounding .Over the weeks I have relaxed into my natural sound.                     Robina

Very enjoyable, safe environment.  Positive, supportive experience. Trusted the process (and Sam) to explore my voice. Nothing to fear. Sam is an excellent, supportive tutor.                    Denise

I have found this an amazing process. I would not comfortably sing in crowds before starting this course and now I feel much more confident in my singing ability. The course has been easy and non- threatening. I have found Sam very supportive and encouraging which has enabled me to find my voice.         Jeanette.

I have been through personal transition whilst doing this course. Ive been very vulnerable at times, but I have come out stronger than I’ve been before. This is what it is about for me, more than the singing per se, but my singing confidence has increased as a bonus.     Claire