Bodywork at wellbeings 

All bodywork modalities aims to help restore balance in a persons energy, encouraging vitality to replace dis-ease.
You have the space and the time to connect with your own body, in a mindful and gentle way, to listen and let go.

We offer:
Zen Shiatsu: a traditional form that involves gentle stimulating stretches and pressure applications along energy channels (meridians) and over acupressure points throughout the whole body. It is dynamic and restorative. It improves health and integrates healing. It is a fully-clothed form and takes place on a futon mattress.

Deep tissue bodywork: an integrated and reinvigorating form that not only works at superficial muscular level but connects with the deeper fascia. It is a customized approach of deep listening to individual body needs towards realignment and renewed energy. With the use of only natural oils takes place on a massage table.


Holistic pulsing: a body-mind therapy using the power of gentle rhythmic touch and movement. Gentle rocking, stretching and opening movement are applied, creating a wave-like motion throughout the body. The “pulsee” lies fully clothed on a massage table

Counseling at wellbeings

Individual counseling and mentoring
Couples and family counseling
Trauma response and resolution

Sam is able to support you and your family in all life changes and transitions planned and unplanned.She is a fully qualified counselor and therapist with 25 years experience and specialized training in trauma work.