"Sam (Sandra) Crawford is a skilled and experienced teacher, facilitator, body centred therapist, counselor and bodyworker."

Sam utilizes many healing modalities in her work with particular focus on body centred awareness.
She has a degree in social work and Psychology, completed with a special focus on the larger holistic perspective on health and healing.
Sam is an accredited teacher of “Holistic Pulsing” body therapy and “ Healing with Sound”, having trained and been accredited through “ The school of Sacred Sound”. She is also an accredited practitioner of R.E.B.T therapy, and has trained in Hakomi Integrative Somatics and Watsu® water therapy,.
Sam also draws on knowledge and experience with the Health and Mental Health fields.
In private practice, Sam facilitates personal, family, group and community journeys of physical and metaphysical awareness, healing and ritual.
In addition, as an organizational consultant, Sam is an accredited supervisor of therapists, bodyworkers, and health professionals. She facilitates team building, is a mediator, and designs and implements workshops and trainings specific to agency needs.


"Mass always invites us to turn life into  a learning experience and away from an expression of domination, grip and separation. Cultivating one instead "
Mass is an accredited practitioner of Metta Zen Shiatsu and has studied Watsu® Water Therapy. His approach to health and wellbeing has strong affinity to Buddhist and Zen philosophies.
He has a background in tourism and hospitality with wide experience in health and whole food. His cooking is nurturing and creative, always praised at retreats and workshops around the country.
Mass is a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher, trained since 2004 under Paul Burton of Rotorua, one of New Zealand most experienced Iyengar teachers, with over 30 years experience and an in-depth pranayama practice and understanding. Mass currently holds an Iyengar Yoga Junior Intermediate 1 Certificate.
Mass prime interest is the somatic aspect and application of the practice. "..How the inner felt sense of becoming aligned and of being me is actually pointing out the spaciousness of this moment and, in all directions". He s so grateful to his meditation teacher Reggie Ray and the depth and generosity of the Dharma Ocean lineage.